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Obama's Photographer Just Threw Some Massive Shade At Trump With Epic Presidents' Day Post

Pete Souza ripped Trump in his 'living presidents' Instagram post omitting him for 'inciting an insurrection and abusing his powers.'

Pete Souza; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for History; @petesouza/Instagram

Pete Souza—former Chief Official White House Photographer—posted a photo of former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter on Instagram Monday in celebration of Presidents' Day.

The omission of former President Donald Trump from what Souza called the "Presidents’ Club" was quite deliberate, as the photo's caption made crystal clear.

Souza captioned the photo:

"On Presidents’ Day, here are the current members of the Presidents’ Club. It is a very exclusive club."

Souza wanted to know his omission of Trump was purposeful.

"It includes all the living former Presidents of the United States except those that incited an insurrection and abused his powers to attempt to overturn an election.⁣"

Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill.Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush@petesouza/Instagram

While it is traditional for former Presidents to set aside party differences after leaving office and to consult with the sitting President—give pointers on such a difficult job—all of that tradition completely fell apart with Trump.

It is difficult to imagine the man who still insists he won the 2020 election giving good-natured advice on holding the office to President Joe Biden, though Biden has reportedly reached out to other former Presidents for advice since taking office.

Instagram commenters largely seemed to agree with Souza's exclusion of Trump.

Instagram user dvlzadvokate commented "All classy men, those in the picture. I didn't agree with Bush's policies, but I never doubted he cared about America."dvlzadvokate/Instagram

Instagram user green_eyez505_rae commented "Best of the Best! Our countries Best Presidents! [two black heart emoji]"green_eyez505_rae/Instagram

Instagram user jenfarnsworthart commented "Bravo - our distinguished President's - minus any former office holder who led an insurrection against our country. [raising hands emoji, clapping hands emoji, red heart emoji]" jenfarnsworthart/Instagram

Instagram user shedc01 commented "The beauty of this photo is matched only by the beauty of its caption. [bullseye emoji]"shedc01/Instagram

Istagram user guidamarin commented "Tell it, Mr. Souza!"guidamarin/Instagram

The post comes just after former Democratic President Jimmy Carter—who is 98 years old and has survived a bout with brain cancer and other health scares in recent years—announced via the Carter Center he has opted to enter home hospice care and spend his remaining time at home with his family.

Some chose to celebrate Carter's life, kindness and accomplishments in the comments of Souza's photo.

Instagram user tasseomancer commented "Heartbroken about President Carter being put on hospice. Probably the kindest man to hold the office in the entire 20th century."tasseomancer/Instagram

Instagram user diazschloss commented "ya know, I can't be heartbroken because my goodness ... WHAT A LIFE! We only get so much time here on earth and I truly cannot think of anyone who's done more to help his neighbors - those nearby, and those across the globe. A life truly well lived and an inspiration to all [red heart emoji]"Instagram/diazschloss

Instagram user ddddddddddddzzzzzzzzzzzz commented "Carter is the kind of man who even if sick with cancer will go to a diaster [sic] site and help clean up with his bare hands. Building homes for victims of hurricanes. He walks his talk."ddddddddddddzzzzzzzzzzzz/Instagram

This is far from the first time Souza called out Trump using his photography as a medium.

His 2018 book Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents used photos he had taken while White House photographer during Barack Obama's presidency to contrast with the way Trump was running things.

It's safe to say Souza is very unsatisfied with Trump's performance as President and his behavior after leaving office.