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Republican Senator from Florida Rick Scott penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in March, criticizing New York for its high taxes and claiming that residents were fleeing Governor Andrew Cuomo's state because of his economic policies.

Scott went on to say "If you cut taxes and make state and local government efficient, maybe you can compete with Florida again."

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Outgoing Florida Governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott (R) has filed lawsuits in two heavily Democratic counties accusing Democrats of trying to "steal" the election by counting all the votes that were cast on Tuesday.

"In their lawsuit against Broward County, Scott and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) allege that officials there are hiding critical information about the number of votes cast and counted," Fox News reported on Friday. "And in a parallel suit against Palm Beach County, Scott and the NRSC charge that the election supervisor there illegally used her own judgment to determine voter intent when reviewing damaged or incorrectly filled-out absentee ballots, while refusing to allow impartial witnesses to monitor the process."

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HIALEAH, FL - JUNE 14: Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks to supporters as he makes a campaign stop at Chico's Cuban Restaurant where he received an endorsement from the Florida Police Chiefs Association on June 14, 2018 in Hialeah, Florida. Gov. Scott, a Republican, is running for a Florida Senate seat against current Democratic Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is running for a seat in the state Senate, used his private jet to commute to a Senate campaign stop, which sort of defeats the purpose of “Make Washington Work" bus tour. That's right: Bus tour.

Scott's campaign said he had to use his plane because he couldn’t get from an official hearing of the Clemency Board in Tallahassee to the predominantly Republican Villages retirement community in time.

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