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TN Senator Gets Savage Geography Lesson After Tweeting 'Tennesseans Want a Wall on Our Southern Border'
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Far-right Senator Marsha Blackburn is once again the subject of Twitter mockery, not because she demanded a soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice define the word "woman," and not because she claimed the Constitution gives us the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." No, this time it has to do with a wall at the southern border.

One of former President Donald Trump's most elaborate campaign promises was that he would erect a giant wall at the southern border, a move that he believed would curb illegal border crossings. Despite promising Mexico would pay for the wall, Trump permitted the longest government shutdown in United States history in a failed effort to secure the funding he wanted for it.

After diverting billions from the Defense budget, Trump's administration only managed to build around 80 miles of brand new wall. Last month, the Washington Post released a report that the wall has been breached more than three thousand times, resulting in millions of dollars in repairs.

But a wall being expensive, impractical, and ineffective hasn't been enough to stop Trump's supporters from inanely demanding it at every Trump rally.

That's likely why Blackburn tweeted this.

Blackburn tweeted that "Tennesseans" want a wall on "our" southern border. The "our" was almost certainly intended to be the possessive of the American people, but grammar conventions made it sound like Tennesseans were demanding a border wall to separate them from Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Social media users pounced on the awkward error with maps.

And they didn't stop there.