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Don Jr. Mocked for Liking Tweet From Conservative Troll Calling His Father 'Greedy and Horny'
John Sommers II/Getty Images

If there's one thing that has become clear about "Trumpworld" in recent years, it's that things often make little sense. And one of Donald Trump Jr.'s recent retweets is a perfect example.

On Sunday, Jr. liked a tweet that called his father, President Trump,"greedy and horny." And folks on Twitter had a field day with Don Jr.'s aiding and abetting what seemed like an insult, or at least a backhanded compliment, of his father.

The tweet in question came from infamous alt-right activist and troll Mike Cernovich, in response to the explosive story in The Atlantic last week that alleges the President called fallen World War I soldiers "losers" and "suckers."

By way of defending the President, Cernovich tweeted:

"Trump is greedy and horny, typical of men, but he's consistently had a soft spot for Americana - parades, working people, and yes the military."
"0% would Trump ever bash the Troops."
"He loves them."

This summation, of course, stands in direct conflict with public statements Trump has made about military members in the past, such as now-deceased Senator John McCain, who Trump called a "loser" during a 2015 campaign event.

Trump also denied that McCain was a war hero because he'd been captured prisoner, saying, "I like people who weren't captured." It is also alleged that Trump continued insulting McCain following his death, again calling him a "loser" and grousing at the lowering of flags to half-staff for the Senator.

In any case, Cernovich's tweet seems to be meant as a compliment to the President, and given the Trump children's propensity toward flattery of their father, it seems like Trump Jr. considers "greedy and horny" a compliment where men are concerned as well.

Regardless of either man's intent, other people on Twitter had a field day with this bizarre moment in Twitter history.

Many mocked Trump Jr. as some sort of doofus.

And others used the tweet to troll Trump Jr. directly.

While others pointed out the absurdity of Cernovich's tweet in the first place.