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Don Jr. Dragged for His Over the Top Reaction to Cop Who Cried Because Her Egg McMuffin Took Too Long at McDonald's
Samuel Corum/Getty Images // @tkag2020_ann/Twitter

A video of a woman purported to be a police officer named Stacey crying after she had to wait on her Egg McMuffin at McDonald's went viral this week.

In the video, Stacey lamented that she'd been waiting a long time for her Egg McMuffin, hash brown, and coffee at her local McDonald's after a long shift. The video ends with Stacey weeping, saying that she's now "too nervous" to take food from a drive-thru because she "can't see it being made."

Watch below.

The video came after accusations from officers in the New York Police Department that Shake Shack employees had deliberately poisoned their milk shakes. An investigation later cleared the employees of any wrongdoing, with the NYPD tweeting their finding.

Despite this, President Donald Trump's son—Don Jr.—retweeted the video with an over the top three siren message of support, condemning "what's going on right now."

It did not go over well.

Nationwide protests of police brutality against Black people have heightened public awareness of an inequal enforcement of the law in the United States.

People pointed out that the service at McDonald's and other fast food restaurants—especially during a pandemic—is often subpar. That's partly why many Republican lawmakers say these employees don't deserve a $15 per hour wage.

The identity of the woman in the video—and whether or not she is an officer—has yet to be verified.