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Kayleigh Stormed Out of Press Briefing After Calling CNN Reporter an 'Activist' and the Reporter Just Clapped Back
Bloomberg/YouTube // C-SPAN

In the past two weeks, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has made more public appearances on behalf of President Donald Trump's campaign she has for the Trump administration, in yet another violation of the Hatch Act from the Trump White House.

On Friday, McEnany held her first White House press briefing since October 1, where she attempted to justify Trump's refusal to accept defeat in the 2020 election by lying that Trump wasn't extended a peaceful transition of power after his win in 2016.

McEnany went on to take only five questions, including one from Chanel Rion of the far-right One America News Network, before beginning to exit.

CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins attempted to ask McEnany a question, but the White House Press Secretary responded:

"I don't call on activists."

McEnany's attack on Collins' integrity prompted her to issue a stern rebuke as McEnany left the room.

"I'm not an activist and you haven't taken questions since October 1st. And you just took about five, Kayleigh. That's not doing your job. Your taxpayer-funded job."

Watch the tense exchange below.

Collins, however, got the last laugh.

In addition to the rebuke she issued to McEnany in the room, Collins called the press secretary out on Twitter for not doing her job.

Collins' colleague at CNN, Jake Tapper, defended her.

And people applauded her clapback.

And they took her side in admonishing McEnany.

Beginning January 20th, Kayleigh McEnany will no longer be White House press secretary.