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Biden Campaign Keeps Trolling Trump For Falling Asleep In Court—And It's Everything

Biden campaign spokesman James Singer has repeatedly urged Trump to 'open your eyes' in pointed campaign statements since the former president fell asleep in court on Monday.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images, Jabin Botsford-Pool/Getty Images

A campaign spokesperson for Democratic President Joe Biden mocked his challenger, former Republican President Donald Trump, and told him to "wake up" after falling way behind in generating campaign funds.

Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer commented on Trump's inability to raise campaign money from donors as he continues showing up in court, and allegedly falling asleep, during the trial for his hush money scheme.

Singer took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote:

"It's time for Donald Trump to wake up."


The call for Trump to keep his eyes open was a blatant jab after the first ever criminally-charged ex-President was seen in the courtroom "appearing to nod off a few times," according to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, an observation backed by other reporters who were present.

Singer's post included a screenshot of his statement claiming that the Trump campaign is in "full-on panic mode over abortion."

He said Trump's team put out a deceitful polling memo misrepresenting Trump and Biden's positions to distract voters from his failures to win people over.

Singer told Trump:

"Open your eyes and WAKE UP, Donald. We'll tell you what your pollsters won't."
"The women of America will not be gaslit into forgetting what you've done, and you will face the consequences at the ballot box this November."

Social media users hinted that his concerns for Trump likely fell on deaf ears.

After an analysis of Trump's 2024 campaign fundraising data showed him lagging significantly behind Biden in donations, Singer told The Hill:

“Donald Trump simply cannot keep up with Joe Biden: He’s too lazy to campaign, too toxic to generate enthusiasm or grassroots support, and too obsessed with his own personal revenge and retribution to expand his coalition."
"Open your eyes, Donald, the campaign has begun."

Voters continued weighing in on Trump's fundraising woes.

The Biden campaign announced it raised a whopping $90 million in March, closing out the first quarter of 2024 with a total of $187 million raised.

It entered the second quarter with $192 million in cash in April, setting a record for any Democratic candidate at this point in the election.

In contrast, Trump's campaign nabbed $66 million in March and entered April with $93.1 million in cash following the merger of the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez stated:

"The money we are raising is historic, and it’s going to the critical work of building a winning operation, focused solely on the voters who will decide this election – offices across the country, staff in our battleground states, and a paid media program meeting voters where they are."
"It’s a stark contrast to Trump’s cash-strapped operation that is funneling the limited and billionaire-reliant funds it has to pay off his various legal fees."