As early as 2015, Dior began floating ads featuring vaguely Native American themes and Johnny Depp, who has been the face of Dior parfum line Sauvagesavage in English—for several years. The new campaigns featured Depp in a decidedly less polished tuxedo-clad international playboy look and more Native American imagery.

At the time, Dior and Depp received backlash over hinting at a connection between Native Americans and a product called sauvage. The line itself has been part of Dior Parfum since 1966 without any Native American connection.

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Why is Hollywood is determined to remake all of it’s previous Box Office hits?

They remade Superman, Spiderman and Batman all raking in millions at the Box Office. But now they are remaking the classics including recent remake of the 1970s classic Murder on the Orient Express.

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