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Pete Buttigieg Perfectly Shames Republicans Who Refuse To Accept Election Results With Blunt Lesson In Democracy

Pete Buttigieg tells Stephen Colbert what makes U.S. democracy work is 'when you lose you accept the outcome.'

Pete Buttigieg Perfectly Shames Republicans Who Refuse To Accept Election Results With Blunt Lesson In Democracy

Democratic Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has become well known for his talent for pushing back on right-wing rhetoric.

And in a new interview with Stephen Colbert, Buttigieg perfectly summed up the GOP's approach to democracy and shed light on their fascist impulses by doing so--and he only needed seven words to do it.

Buttigieg's comments, seen below, came during a discussion with Colbert on The Late Show about the upcoming midterm elections.

Looking ahead to November 8, Colbert asked Buttigieg about the enormous number of election-denying MAGA Republicans on ballots across the country.

"How do you feel about the fact that there are 300 Republican candidates on the ballot in just a few weeks who question the legitimacy of the last election and some who outright believe it should be overturned?"

Colbert then referenced a recent New York Times poll which showed that 71% of Americans believe democracy is in peril, before adding to his question.

He asked:

"How do you run for office... to a public that is losing its faith in the legitimacy, or at least the efficacy, of its vote."

As always, Buttigieg was at the ready with the perfect response, saying that "one of the most important principles in democracy is that":

"when you lose, you accept the outcome."

Yep, that pretty much sums it up!

Buttigieg went on to elaborate:

"The reason that's so important is because we expect the same thing from citizens, in terms of policy decisions."
"In other words, part of what it means to live in a democracy is that we have this process for getting decisions that all of us have to live by--those of us who agree with the decision, and those of us who were against it..."
"So if we all have to live with the outcome of each of these policy choices, it's only fair that the people who make them have to live with the outcome of when we choose which one of them is going to be in charge."
"That's how the bargain works."

On Twitter, people applauded the way Buttigieg perfectly laid out the GOP's anti-democracy philosophy without even mentioning them.

As November 8 closes in, many Republican election deniers are in tight races or even ahead, on track to win seats in congress or at the state level. Only a pro-democracy voter surge can block their path.