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People Are Firing Back at Trump With Savage All Caps Replies After Trump Tweets 'THIS IS WHY WE NEED BORDERS'
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's response to the health crisis currently facing the United States has been widely criticized.

The President is reluctant to employ the federal powers available to him to help curb the pandemic, instead telling governors to use state powers and rely on the federal government only as a backup. Without the federal government to mandate the distribution of crucial medical equipment, bidding wars have ensued between the states.

Trump's refusal to enforce the Defense Production Act and order private companies to begin manufacturing more equipment has resulted in a shortage of masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving devices.

What did the President do on Monday to alleviate this?

He posted an all-caps tweet about borders.

Just in case this needs pointing out: Viruses do not observe borders.

With air travel still continuing around the world, the virus has swiftly spread across global borders. In the three months since the its first diagnosed case, it's gone on to infect over 341,000 people in at least 163 countries.

People pointed this out the absurdity of Trump's statement with all-caps tweets of their own.

Others joked that Trump actually meant "Borders," the once-successful chain of bookstores which shuttered its locations in 2010.

Jokes aside, the President's increasing erraticism and denial of responsibility has done little to assure Americans that he's fit to lead the country in the face of a growing pandemic.