Donald Trump Executive Order Reinstates 1033 Program To Ramp Up Police Militarization

Sending heavily armed officers into routine police situations almost invariably inflames tensions and creates the very situation the intervention was supposed to diffuse.

Eyewitness Live Video Captures Chaos, Terror of Dallas Shootings

[DIGEST: CBS, Associated Press] Two fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota sparked protests around the country this week. All of these protests were peaceful demonstrations, except for Dallas where things quickly turned violent after shots rang out. Those present immediately took to Facebook and Twitter to record the events. Videos and live streams of … Continued

Losing Faith in Democracy

Summary: As surveys show that free and open societies are dwindling around the world, nations including Russia and China are presenting alternatives to democracy. Energetic and passionate political movements in American and the world are increasingly undemocratic, claiming that representative government cannot solve 21st century challenges. 



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