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Screenshot of Hillary Clinton; Tucker Carlson

Hillary Clinton Perfectly Shreds Tucker Carlson After News He's Interviewing Putin

After it was reported that Tucker Carlson has gone to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton explained why that makes all the sense in the world.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Wants To Spend U.S. Israel Funding On 'Space Lasers' At The Border...Yes, Really

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was mocked for her amendment to House Israel package that would fund 'space laser technology' at the southern border.

screenshot of Tucker Carlson

Tucker Fires Back At Fox After They Try To Take Down His New Twitter Show

After Fox sent Tucker Carlson a cease and desist letter to end his new 'Tucker on Twitter' show, Carlson's lawyer claimed he 'will not be silenced by anyone.'

Jesse Watters; Donald Trump

Jesse Watters Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump's Election Interference Crime—And People Are Cackling

After Jesse Watters seemed to accurately describe the crime Donald Trump is on trial for, people mocked him for saying the quiet part out loud.

Tucker Carlson; Donald Trump

Tucker Carlson Called Trump A 'Demonic Force' In Jan 6th E-mail To Producer New Filing Shows

New filing in Fox News Dominion lawsuit revealed texts from Tucker Carlson to his producer Alex Pfieffer in which he slammed Trump as 'demonic' and a 'destroyer.'

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson Just Delivered The Most Legendary Self-Own With Rant About Media 'Lies'

The Fox News host's lack of self-awareness was on full display as he called out people who 'repeat the lies' to keep 'stupid TV jobs.'

Jake Tapper; Kayleigh McEnany

Jake Tapper Expertly Trolls Fox For Putting Kayleigh McEnany In Tucker's Time Slot

Jake Tapper mocked Fox News for putting Trump's old press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 'one of the biggest spreaders of post-election lies,' into Tucker Carlson's old time slot.

Instagram photo of Claudia Conway; Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Just Brutally Mocked The GOP With A Series Of Shady Twitter Polls

Claudia Conway has already taken aim at the likes of Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Screenshot from Jason Whitlock's "Fox News" appearance

Fox Guest Calls For Secession After Trump Arraignment Because 'God Instructed' It In The Bible

Jason Whitlock tells Tucker Carlson there is 'no partnership' with the left after Trump's arrest and acceptance of transgender people, so the Bible says to 'come out from among them and separate.'

Senator Thom Thillis (R-NC); Tucker Carlson

Republican Senator Calls 'Bullsh**t' On Tucker's Whitewashing Of January 6th As 'Sightseers'

After Tucker Carlson portrayed January 6th insurrectionists as 'peaceful sightseers', Senator Thom Tillis called 'bull***t.'

Pam Hemphill; Donald Trump

Convicted Jan 6 Rioter Slams Trump As 'Cult Leader' Who Should Be 'In Prison' In Brutal Rant

During a heated CNN interview, convicted January 6th Rioter Pam Hemphill called Trump a 'dangerous' 'narcissist' and accused MAGA of 'gaslighting' her.

Fox News screenshot of Sean Hannity; Donald Trump; Fox News screenshot of Vivek Ramaswamy

Hannity Just Accidentally Burned Trump During Off The Rails Interview With Vivek Ramaswamy

Hannity ended his tense interview with Vivek Ramaswamy by declaring that people who never 'held public office' aren't 'qualified to be president.'

RSBN screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Furious as Fox News 'Blocks' Her from Debate Spin Room

After she was 'blocked out' of the GOP debate spin room by Fox as a surrogate for Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on RSBN to complain about the snub.

Screenshots of Tucker Carlson, Chelsea Hanlder, and Jesse Kelly

Chelsea Handler's Clapback At Conservatives Shaming Her For Not Wanting Kids Is Pure Fire

The comedian had a brutal message after triggering the likes of Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro with a comedy video about how fulfilling her life is without children.

Fox News screenshot of Tucker Carlson and Jesse Kelly discussing Chelsea Handler's video

Fox News Guest Has Unhinged Meltdown Over The Fact That Chelsea Handler Doesn't Want Kids

Conservative podcast host Jesse Kelly unleashed a sexist tirade on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show over the fact that the comedian—or any woman for that matter—could live a fulfilling life without bearing children.

Fox News screenshot of Peter Doocy; Joe Biden

Fox Reporter Accidentally Decimates Fox Talking Point Against Biden—And The White House Just Responded

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre thanked Peter Doocy after he gave Joe Biden credit live on Fox for working 'all through the night' as he flew to Vietnam for a state visit.

Tucker Makes Veiled Threat Against GOP Rep. Over Crack About Carlson's Son

Tucker Makes Veiled Threat Against GOP Rep. Over Crack About Carlson's Son

Tucker Carlson taunts Rep. Emmer after unnamed GOP strategist makes crack about hiring Buckley Carlson.

Fox News screenshot of Tulsi Gabbard and George Santos during their interview

Tulsi Gabbard Eviscerates George Santos Over 'Blatant Lies' In Cringey Fox News Interview

Tulsi Gabbard, filling in for Tucker Carlson on Fox News, grilled George Santos over the 'blatant lies' he told during his campaign: 'do you have no shame?'

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters; Barack Obama

Fox News Host Ripped After Claiming Obama Doesn't Look At Things 'From An American Perspective'

Jesse Watters brought up Obama's childhood in Hawaii and his dad's 'roots in Africa' as proof that he has a globalist view on things.

Donald Trump Jr.; Elon Musk

Someone Compiled Maine Shooting Suspect's Twitter History—And It's A Who's Who Of MAGA

The Twitter history of Robert Card, who is suspected of killing 18 in Lewiston, Maine, is a who's who of MAGA and Trump world.

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