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Trump Campaign Staffer Slammed After He Tried Mocking Joe Biden as He Visited His Son's Grave

A staff member of President Trump's reelection campaign is being intensely criticized for mocking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Twitter while he visited his family's graves over the weekend.

The mocking comment came from Trump staffer Francis Brennan, who is director of strategic response for the campaign, and drew widespread outrage on Twitter from those who found Brennan's remark crass and insensitive.

Brennan's tweet included a video clip of Biden waving to reporters while visiting the graves, and a wisecrack about Biden "meandering along."

In the video Brennan included, reporters are heard calling to Biden to come speak with them as he walks through the cemetery following church services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine church in Wilmington, Delaware. The former vice president simply waves to the reporters and continues walking.

Biden was at the cemetery to visit the graves of his son Beau, an Iraq War veteran who passed away of cancer in 2015, and his first wife Naomi and daughter Neilia, who died together in a car crash in 1972. Biden has frequently spoken of the deaths of his first wife and children as major turning points in his life, including during his 2020 Democratic National Convention campaign speech.

Brennan's comment is believed to be a reference to the Trump campaign's frequent characterization of Biden as being in cognitive decline. Brennan is a member of the so-called Trump War Room, the reelection campaign arm that has previously drawn criticism and faced social media bans for using Nazi imagery and symbols in its campaign ads, among other controversies.

Biden's cemetery visit and Brennan's mocking tweet occurred as President Trump was playing golf at his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

On Twitter, the cruelty of Brennan's joke drew intense outrage.

Some found Brennan's comment so cruel they questioned his basic humanity.

Brennan's comment seemed of a piece with recently revealed comments Trump reportedly made mocking veterans and fallen soldiers as "losers."

As of this writing, neither Brennan nor the campaign has offered any apology, nor has the tweet been deleted.