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Donald Trump answering questions from Jonathan Swan on 2020 episode of Axios on HBO

Biden Campaign Shares 'Most Insane Thing' Trump Has Ever Said With Bonkers 2020 Clip

The Biden-Harris HQ X account resurfaced a 2020 clip of Donald Trump coldly dismissing Covid deaths in response to 'What is the most insane thing anyone has said?' post.

Kerry Kennedy; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr.'s Sister Just Ripped Him To Shreds For Antisemitic Vaccine Rant In Blistering Statement​​

RFK Jr.'s sister Kerry Kennedy, who runs the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center, called her brother's recent comments about the Covid virus 'deplorable.'

Robert F. Kennedy; Rioters attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

RFK Jr. Channels Trump On January 6 Rioters In Bonkers E-mail—Then Walks It Back, Of Course

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. walked back an e-mail in which he referred to the January 6 rioters as 'activists' who were 'stripped of their Constitutional liberties.'

Donald Trump and Dr. Deborah Birx speaking at Covid briefing in April 2020

Biden Campaign Posts Startling Reminder Of What Trump Was Saying About Covid 4 Years Ago Today

The Biden HQ X account posted video from April 22, 2020 when Trump asked Dr. Birx whether there's 'a chance Covid won't come back.'

Robert F Kennedy Jr; screenshot of RFK Jr Super Bowl ad

RFK Jr.'s Cousin Perfectly Shames Kennedy For Super Bowl Ad That Ripped Off JFK Ad From 1960

After a Super PAC supporting Robert Kennedy Jr's independent presidential run ran an ad that directly ripped off a JFK ad from 1960 and Kennedy's cousin Bobby Shriver called him out for using his mother's image without permission.

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Masterfully Trolls Trump After He Asks If Americans Are 'Better Off Than Four Years Ago'

After Donald Trump took to Truth Social to ask 'are you better off than you were four years ago,' Hillary Clinton had the perfect reply.

Jimmy Kimmel; Aaron Rodgers

Jimmy Kimmel Threatens To Sue Aaron Rodgers After Crack About Jeffrey Epstein Documents

Jimmy Kimmel fired back at Aaron Rodgers after the quarterback implied that Kimmel's name would be unsealed among Jeffrey Epstein documents.

RFK Jr.; Aaron Rodgers

RFK Jr. Says Aaron Rodgers Would Be A Good VP Pick Because Of The 'Rise Of AI'

In a bizarre Fox News interview, RFK Jr. defended having Aaron Rodgers on his VP shirtlist, saying he is 'battle tested' and is skeptical of authority.

Screenshot of Jimmy Kimmel; Aaron Rodgers

Jimmy Kimmel Masterfully Shuts Down Aaron Rodgers During Epic 7-Minute Rant

After Aaron Rodgers implied Jimmy Kimmel would be named amid unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents, Kimmel spent 7 minutes of his monologue Monday night ripping Rodgers to shreds.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

New Poll Including RFK Jr. As An Independent Has Bad News For Trump

A new Marist poll finds Joe Biden beating Donald Trump handily once RFK Jr.'s indepdendent bid is factored in.

Byron Donalds

Fact-Check: GOP Rep's False Claim of Biden Closing Schools

Rep. Byron Donalds was swiftly informed, both by an X Community Note and users that Donald Trump was president in 2020 when schools shuttered due to Covid lockdowns.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper Explains Why He Would Refuse To Hold A Town Hall With RFK Jr.

On an episode of 'Pod Save America,' CNN's Jake Tapper explained why he would not hold a town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr..

Karl Rove

Karl Rove Breaks Down Why RFK Jr. Is 'A Nut' In Epic Fox News Rant

After Ron DeSantis said he would put RFK Jr. in charge of the FDA or CDC, Karl Rove went on Fox to list his most bonkers conspiracy theories.

Fox News screenshot of Laura Ingraham; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Laura Ingraham Praises RFK Jr. As 'Popular' But Her Own Graphic Says Otherwise

Laura Ingraham was widely mocked for referring to RFK Jr. as 'popular' while her own graphic showed him losing to Biden by 57%.

Jim Breuer; audience member laughing

Jim Breuer Mocks Damar Hamlin's Heart Attack To Huge Cheers At Conservative Christian Event

Jim Breuer got hearty applause at ReAwaken America event after his joke mocking Damar Hamlin's heart attack.

Newsmax screenshot of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr. Claims The U.S. And China Are Developing 'Ethnic Bioweapons' In Unhinged Rant

RFK Jr. made waves after going on Newsmax and claiming to Greta Van Susteren that The U.S. and China are developing 'ethnic bioweapons' to attack people of certain races.

Ted Lieu; Nikki Haley

Dem Rep. Perfectly Shames Nikki Haley For Asking If Anyone Remembers 'How Simple Life Was' Growing Up

After Nikki Haley asked if people remembered 'how simple life was' when it was just about 'faith, family, and country,' Rep. Ted Lieu made her absolutely regret it.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ 'War on Woke' Is As Troubling As We Feared

The education and culture wars recently ignited by conservative golden boy Ron DeSantis.

screenshots from Vince Langman's Twitter account

MAGA Bro Asks 'What Happened?' In The Last '3 Years' To Cause Upheaval–And Instantly Got His A** Handed To Him

Vince Langman asked 'What happened' in the last '3 years' to lower employment, increase gas prices and inflation, and got a brutal reminder from Twitter.

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