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Joe Rogan

Video Of Joe Rogan Gleefully Predicting A 'Red Wave' Resurfaces–And It Did Not Age Well

Days before the election, Joe Rogan predicted a 'red wave' would wipe Democrats out 'like the elevator doors opening up in The Shining.'

Twitter screenshot of Nick Adams; promotional photo of all-female M&M's from Mars

Self-Proclaimed 'Alpha Male' Calls For A Boycott Over New 'Feminist M&M's' In Unhinged Video

Nick Adams called for a boycott of Mars, Inc. over their new 'feminist M&Ms' in a video people weren't sure was serious or parody.

The GOP’s Moral Pillars Have Collapsed

The GOP’s Moral Pillars Have Collapsed

But the Democrats have built upon them solidly.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ 'War on Woke' Is As Troubling As We Feared

The education and culture wars recently ignited by conservative golden boy Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump; Kari Lake

Trump Calls For Kari Lake To Be 'Installed' As Governor After Losing The Election

Donald Trump took to Truth Social to call for Kari Lake to 'be installed as Governor of Arizona' after she lost the election to Katie Hobbs.

Zero-COVID policy protesters in Beijing, China

In China, There Are Worries About A Different Contagion

How far-reaching the effects of the public protests become is a cause for concern beyond China’s borders.

You-Know-Who Made It Official—And It’s Already A Trumpster Fire

You-Know-Who Made It Official—And It’s Already A Trumpster Fire

One-term Republican President Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination again in 2024, but the news has proven very divisive in the GOP.

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