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Screenshots of Donald Trump outside at a NY courthouse

Trump Accidentally Admits He Lied About Why He's At NYC Courthouse—Just Three Minutes After Lying

After claiming 'they want me to be' at the NYC courthouse instead of campaigning in early primary states, he admitted he would not be back the next day because there's a golf touranment at his Doral club.

2 photos side by side: to the left is former Senator Ben Sasse and on the right is former President Donald Trump

Outgoing GOP Senator Explains Why He's 'Sad' For Trump In Brutal Parting Shot

Ben Sasse, who stepped down from the U.S. Senate to be president of University of Florida , said he was 'sad' for 'needy and desperate' Trump.

Former President Donald Trump; Special Counsel Jack Smith

Trump May Have Just Given Jack Smith Evidence To Use Against Him

In his recent Hugh Hewitt interview, Donald Trump claimed he was 'allowed to do whatever I want' with documents under the Presidential Records Act.

Newsmax screenshot of Alina Habba

Trump Aide Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump With Freudian Slip For The Ages

In an attempt to defend Donald Trump in the wake of his latest indictment, spokesperson Alina Habba said on Newsmax that Trump 'doesn't do what's right' before correcting herself.

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