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Trump Accidentally Admits He Lied About Why He's At NYC Courthouse—Just Three Minutes After Lying

After claiming 'they want me to be' at the NYC courthouse instead of campaigning in early primary states, he admitted he would not be back the next day because there's a golf touranment at his Doral club.

Screenshots of Donald Trump outside at a NY courthouse

Former Republican President and known serial liar Donald Trump couldn't keep his falsehoods in check and wound up exposing his lie about why he showed up for his fraud trial in New York.

The twice-impeached former President, who became the first in U.S. history to be charged with federal crimes, had been periodically showing up voluntarily in a Manhattan courtroom for New York Attorney General Letitia James' fraud case against Trump and the Trump Organization.

The trial for the AG's civil lawsuit allegations–which includes conspiracy, insurance fraud, and falsifying financial statements–started in New York on October 2.

His attendance in the courtroom is not mandatory.

Yet, during a break on Wednesday, Trump griped to reporters outside the courthouse:

“I have to be here."

He continued expressing bitterness for his 2024 Presidential campaign detour to the courtroom, telling reporters:

"This is what we go through because they want to keep me here instead of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and lots of other great places."
"They want me to be here."

However, three minutes later when he was asked if he would be returning the following day, Trump appeared to have forgotten about his endless ranting for having to show up in court—which was completely voluntary.

A reporter asked:

"Will you be back tomorrow by any chance?"

Trump replied:

"Probably not. Probably we're having a very big tournament, professional golf tournament at Doral, so probably not."

You can watch Trump coming clean about his priorities in this clip.

Social media users had some thoughts.

Trump railed into James for the fraud case and said in a video posted on his Truth Social platform:

“This trial is an election interference witch hunt and everybody knows it."
"All of the banks that I dealt with were very happy with us. They thought I was a great customer.”

He also falsely accused her of stripping away his rights.

“This case should never have been brought and should never have been allowed."
“I have no rights.”

James, for her part, slammed Trump's antics as "performative."