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Trump Aide Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump With Freudian Slip For The Ages

In an attempt to defend Donald Trump in the wake of his latest indictment, spokesperson Alina Habba said on Newsmax that Trump 'doesn't do what's right' before correcting herself.

Newsmax screenshot of Alina Habba

Former President Donald Trump's legal spokesperson Alina Habba was mocked online after her attempt to defend him in the wake of his latest indictment resulted in her telling a Freudian slip for the ages.

During her appearance on Newsmax, Habba stated that Trump "doesn't do what's popular or what's right." However, she quickly clarified her statement, saying that she meant to say Trump "only does what's right."

The statement raised eyebrows in light of the fact that Trump is facing criminal charges in Georgia for attempting to overturn the 2020 general election result.

You can hear what Habba said in the video below.

Habba said:

“Elected officials have to do what’s popular, and sometimes not what’s right, and that’s a problem. That’s I think why people get nervous about Trump.:
"He doesn’t do what’s popular or what’s right— or or I should should say he only does what’s right, I should say."


In Georgia, Republican legislators have been seeking ways to impede the legal proceedings led by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Trump and 18 of his associates are facing charges related to their alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Republicans in the state have called for a special session to devise a reason to impeach Willis and halt the legal proceedings.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp, however, firmly opposed these efforts in a press conference.

He stated that he had not seen "any evidence" to "warrant action" against Willis and emphasized his commitment to upholding the law and the Constitution, regardless of political implications. Kemp also dismissed claims that he was attempting to gain notoriety through this situation.

His actions stand in stark contrast to the former president, who has continued to attack prosecutors.

Given these facts, no one was surprised by Habba's accidental admission.

This is the second time this week Habba has been criticized for statements she's made on behalf of her boss.

Earlier, Habba was roasted online after she seemed to undermine one of the key reasons cited by Trump's legal team in their efforts to delay legal proceedings until 2026, well after the 2024 election.

Habba's comments came during an interview on Fox News with Shannon Bream, who inquired about the logistics of preparing a client for multiple trials while concurrently running for president.

Habba responded by claiming Trump won't have to "prep much" for his defense because he's "done nothing wrong," a statement that seemed to conflict with one of the arguments put forth by Trump's legal team to delay any potential legal proceedings until after the 2024 election, namely that they have too much to prepare for in order to be ready to go to trial by March, 2024.