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Matt Gaetz Mocked for Calling Himself 'Florida Man' in Typo-Ridden Reelection Announcement

Matt Gaetz Mocked for Calling Himself 'Florida Man' in Typo-Ridden Reelection Announcement
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Far-right Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida just announced that he'll run for reelection to continue representing Florida's 1st Congressional District, giving followers the news in an error-ridden tweet touting himself as their "Florida Man."

Gaetz is a popular figure among conservative supporters of former President Donald Trump, but his reelection bid was never a sure thing. He remains a central figure in an ongoing criminal investigation probing allegations of the sex trafficking of a minor. Amid Trump's second impeachment for inciting an insurrection, Gaetz offered to resign for the chance to represent Trump in his Senate impeachment trial.

Also last year, Gaetz was talking to conservative disinformation outlets like Newsmax and One America News about potential jobs after his time in Congress.

Nevertheless, this past Saturday, Gaetz announced that he would once again seek reelection.

He wrote in a tweet:

"It's chose [sic] your fighter time.

I'm you're [sic] Florida Man!"

For those unfamiliar, "Florida Man" is an internet meme alluding to the number of bizarre headlines emerging from the Sunshine State, many of which begin with the phrase "Florida Man..."

In comments elaborating on his decision, Gaetz said:

“I continue to be inspired by the people of Northwest Florida and I think I have an important role to play in fashioning the shape and flavor of the upcoming majority."

The 2022 midterms aren't for another eight months, but Gaetz—a two-term incumbent—is already off to a rough start, with thousands of social media users mocking his announcement.

Some targeted the rampant typos.

Others mocked his self-designation as the "Florida Man."

But unless a more favored primary candidate suddenly emerges, Gaetz is almost certain to win reelection in the deep red district.