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Screenshot of Daniel Dale; Donald Trump

CNN Fact-Checker Rips 'Deranged' Trump For Blaming Nancy Pelosi For January 6

After Donald Trump took questions about Thursday's Supreme Court arguments, CNN's fact-checker Daniel Dale could not hold back how 'bonkers' the former president's claims were.

Side-by-side screenshots of Senator Bill Cassidy from his Twitter video

GOP Senator Rails Against White House Gift Shop's Indictment Commemorative Coin—And Got Instantly Fact-Checked

After Senator Bill Cassidy railed against the White House Gift Shop's Trump Indictment Commemorative Coin, CNN's Daniel Dale provided a fact check.

Donald Trump

Trump Claimed U.S. Had No Terrorist Attacks During His Presidency—And Got Instantly Fact-Checked

After Donald Trump falsely claimed there were no 'attacks in the United States' during his presidency, he got swiftly fact-checked.

Marjorie Taylor Greene; photo of fake explosive device

Border Patrol Fact Checks MTG's Claim That They Found An 'Explosive' Near The Border

The Border Patrol Chief explained what the 'explosive' Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed they found 'near the border.'

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