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Fact Checker Calls BS on Pro-Trump Senate Candidate's Claim that Google Is 'Hiding' His Website
CNN // Fox News

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale rose to prominence during the Trump era for his comprehensive and timely fact checks of the former President's avalanche of lies and disinformation. Though Trump is no longer in office, Dale still fact checks President Joe Biden and combats disinformation online, with much of it coming from the right wing.

Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance—who recently announced his candidacy for one of Ohio's Senate seats—became notable for quite a different set of reasons.

The pro-Trump writer and venture capitalist has defended the racist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory, as well as Fox News host Tucker Carlson—another promoter of the Great Replacement. Vance recently apologized for tweets he posted during the 2016 campaign which were critical of Trump.

But Dale's and Vance's paths crossed this week after Vance claimed Google was "hiding" his website, the latest voice in a conservative chorus claiming Big Tech is working on behalf of Democrats to censor right-wing viewpoints.

Vance shared a video of a Fox News interview, where he claimed Google was "attacking" him, accusing Google of being "in bed" with the Chinese Communist Party.

Dale responded that Vance's assertion Google was "hiding" his website was "nonsense."

The exchange made waves on social media.

Dale wasn't the only one to demonstrate that Vance was lying.

Others claimed Vance's tweet was designed to get more people to google him.

Ohio's Senate election will be held November 8, 2022.