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Donald Trump and Dr. Deborah Birx speaking at Covid briefing in April 2020

Biden Campaign Posts Startling Reminder Of What Trump Was Saying About Covid 4 Years Ago Today

The Biden HQ X account posted video from April 22, 2020 when Trump asked Dr. Birx whether there's 'a chance Covid won't come back.'

President Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Biden Posts Blunt PSA Four Years After Trump Suggested 'Injecting' Bleach To Cure Covid

On the fourth anniversary of Donald Trump suggesting that an 'injection' of 'disinfectant' could cure Covid, Joe Biden had a vital warning for voters.

Donald Trump answering questions from Jonathan Swan on 2020 episode of Axios on HBO

Biden Campaign Shares 'Most Insane Thing' Trump Has Ever Said With Bonkers 2020 Clip

The Biden-Harris HQ X account resurfaced a 2020 clip of Donald Trump coldly dismissing Covid deaths in response to 'What is the most insane thing anyone has said?' post.

Screenshot of Donald Trump

Trump Tried To Hit Biden Over The 'Supply Chain'—But It Backfired In Yet Another Verbal Gaffe

Donald Trump claimed 'everything worked' during his presidency in a muddled attempt at slamming Biden for 'supply chain' issues.

Anthony Fauci; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Dr. Fauci Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene For Fueling Death Threats Against Him

After the MAGA Rep. was more unhinged than usual during House committee questioning on Monday, Fauci went on CNN and spoke out about the rise in threats against him and his family.

Jamie Raskin; Anthony Fauci

Dem Rep Perfectly Rips Republicans For Treating Dr. Fauci 'Like A Convicted Felon'

Rep. Jamie Raskin hilariously trolled Donald Trump in a rant calling out Republicans for treating Dr. Fauci like 'a convicted felon.'

CNN screenshot of Bob Woodward; Donald Trump

Watergate Journalist Bob Woodward's Stunned Reaction To The Trump Tape Says It All

Woodward told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he's 'never seen anything like' what Trump has done.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper Explains Why He Would Refuse To Hold A Town Hall With RFK Jr.

On an episode of 'Pod Save America,' CNN's Jake Tapper explained why he would not hold a town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr..

Donald Trump; Brian Kilmeade

Fox Host Rips 'Insane' Trump For Going After Kayleigh McEnany In Petty Post

Brian Kilmeade called Trump 'insane' for ripping Kayleigh McEnany for Ron DeSantis poll report during her Fox hosting duties.

Bob Woodward; Donald Trump

These Parody Bob Woodward Tweets Savagely Mocking Trump For Suing Him Are Pure Gold

Twitter account @FaithRubPol posted screenshots of fake tweets from Bob Woodward mocking Donald Trump after Trump sued Woodward for $50 million.

Zero-COVID policy protesters in Beijing, China

In China, There Are Worries About A Different Contagion

How far-reaching the effects of the public protests become is a cause for concern beyond China’s borders.

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