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Sean Hannity Mocked After Proudly Admitting He Doesn't 'Vet the Information' on His Show

Sean Hannity Mocked After Proudly Admitting He Doesn't 'Vet the Information' on His Show
Fox News

Opinion hosts on the conservative Fox News network frequently decry the "mainstream media" to the channel's millions of viewers, accusing journalists and media outlets of outright lying or being too careless with the truth to verify accounts before publishing a story.

One of these opinion hosts—far-right Fox News personality Sean Hannity—revealed his own negligence in this regard on the Monday night broadcast of his show.

Ironically enough, Hannity did so while chastising other members of the media.

Watch below.

In a segment labeled "Media Malpractice," Hannity said:

"This show, we, in this hour, I am not told what to say. I don't vet the information on this program that I give out. We have always been independent, follow our own path on the show. That's not going to change for me ever."

As even those outside of the journalism profession know, it's vital when publishing a big story or "scoop" to get more than one source on the record corroborating a sequence of events. It's also important to independently verify the assertions and details given by these sources to better ascertain their credibility.

Hannity's refusal to do this has steered Fox into hot water in the past, most recently regarding DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was tragically murdered in a robbery in 2016. Hannity, along with other Fox News personalities, floated bizarre conspiracy theories to millions of viewers alleging that 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton played a role in Rich's death.

Just last week, Fox News finalized a settlement with the family of Seth Rich, relieving Hannity of a deposition he was scheduled to undergo regarding the disinformation.

People weren't surprised that Hannity didn't vet the stories on his show, but it was startling to hear him admit it so outright.

People hadn't forgotten Hannity's past presentations of fake news and their consequences.