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Rudy Giuliani Rails Against 'Prince of Darkness' Biden in Bonkers Rant Defending Sketchy Hunter Biden Allegations

Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, continues to peddle unverified and sketchily-sourced allegations against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son, Hunter.

Giuliani supplied the New York Post with files he claimed were from Hunter Biden's laptop, which he got from a Trump supporting laptop repairman.

Even the conservative Fox News network originally passed on the story, fearing credibility concerns, but that hasn't stopped Giuliani from attempting to sell it as a scandal to the American people.

In a bizarre rant on the show ironically titled Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense, Giuliani compared Biden to Satan and accused him of exacerbating his son's addictions.

Watch below.

Giuliani said:

"Your prince got it. The prince of darkness, Joe Biden. Why do you think he lost his teeth at 40 years old? ... You used your family to pick up your bribes, hide your bribes, live the life of a billionaire."

Giuliani accused Biden of using his influence to enrich him and his family—an odd accusation from the man defending Trump, whose organization (run by his sons) has made over $2.5 million from the United States government.

But it was Giuliani's unhinged demeanor and tactless words that earned him widespread derision online.

Giuliani's screed comes just a week after the release of the Borat sequel, with famous prankster Sacha Baron Cohen and actor Maria Bakalova.

One moment in the film is particularly embarrassing for the man formerly known as "America's Mayor." Bakalova—posing as a young journalist—got Giuliani to meet her in a hotel room. As they flirted, Giuliani laid back on the bed and put his hand down his pants, though he says he was tucking in his shirt.

People joked that they were relieved to see Giuliani's hands this time.

Though Giuliani is vocally in Trump's camp, his daughter—Caroline Giuliani—recently announced she'd be voting for Biden.