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Rudy Giuliani Roasted for Reportedly Fondling Himself in Hotel Room During Sacha Baron Cohen 'Borat' Prank

Rudy Giuliani Roasted for Reportedly Fondling Himself in Hotel Room During Sacha Baron Cohen 'Borat' Prank
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // Amazon Prime

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and one of his closest confidants, Rudy Giuliani, is once again the subject of controversy after revelations about his appearance in the new Borat film.

For those unfamiliar, Borat—and creator Sacha Baron Cohen's signature brand of comedy—features a disguised Cohen infiltrating political circles to humiliate unwitting politicians and activists.

This past summer, Giuliani admitted that he had an encounter with Cohen, but Giuliani claimed to be giving an interview on Trump's leadership before Cohen barged in wearing a "pink transgender outfit."

With the release of Borat's sequel—Borat Subsequent Moviefilm—hitting screens on Friday, there are now more details about the encounter that may prove fatal to Giuliani's reputation.

According to reporters who saw the film before its release, the encounter actually shows Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat's daughter in the film, posing as a young conservative journalist.

After the fake interview, the two go to a hotel room for a drink, where Giuliani removes her microphone and asks for her phone number. Bakalova removes the mic from Giuliani's pants as he pats her on the bottom.

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, then lays back on the bed and moves his hands into his pants suggestively.

Screen shots of the moment soon emerged on Twitter.

As if the damning revelations weren't humiliating enough, statements made by Giuliani and his team this past July seemed all the more ridiculous in retrospect.

Giuliani's communication's director, Christianné Allen, described an "un-fooled and placid" Giuliani threatening to call the police after a "stupefied" Cohen, as Borat, barged in on the "interview for a documentary on [Donald Trump's] leadership" during the pandemic.

At the time, Giuliani said:

"I only later realized it must have been Sacha Baron Cohen. I thought about all the people he previously fooled and I felt good about myself because he didn't get me..."

The mockery Giuliani is currently undergoing on Twitter indicates otherwise.

Some who have actually seen the film, which will be released on Amazon Prime on October 23, say the scene is even more bonkers than it sounds.

Giuliani's team has been silent on the matter so far.