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QAnoners Mocked for Claiming They Were 'Targeted With Biological Agents' After Getting Sick at Convention


The QAnon conspiracy web—which hinges on the fantasy that former President Donald Trump was sent by God to expose a covert "deep state" of satanic cannibal pedophiles secretly controlling the world—has many convoluted strands.

These delusions were only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic that's killed more than 800 thousand Americans. The widespread belief among the conspiracy's supporters is that COVID-19 doesn't actually exist at all or that it was deliberately foisted on the American people to prompt the administration of magnetized or microchipped vaccines.

Earlier this month, dozens of QAnoners descended on the right-wing "ReAwaken America" tour in Dallas, Texas. Soon after, far-right podcast host Joe Oltmann posted that he was "sick" and in "urgent need."

With the omicron variant of COVID-19 growing more widespread in the United States every day, and with the prevalence of vaccine hesitancy among right-wing fringes, Oltmann didn't suspect his sickness was COVID-induced.

In fact, he posted:

"I have been sick with what could be an anthrax attack it turns out. More later on this"

Oltmann's claim began circulating as others who were with him in the green room on tour said they were experiencing illness as well, including Oltmann's fellow conspiracy theorist Jovan Pulitzer.

Oltman later gave an update on Pulitzer's condition, writing:

“Jovan just reached out. In and out of the hospital Getting tested. Negative for Anthrax. Weird symptoms so no idea what he has. But, he is alive and kicking so there is that.”

People had an idea of what was to blame.

People were amazed by the depths of their denial.

Anti-vaccination conspiracy theories were heavily on display at the event.