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Voters in Lauren Boebert's District Sound Off on How 'Humiliated and Embarrassed' They Are By Her

Voters in Lauren Boebert's District Sound Off on How 'Humiliated and Embarrassed' They Are By Her
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Like her other far-right colleagues in Congress elected in 2020, Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has made waves since being sworn in this past January.

The gun-obsessed Congresswoman has appeared with a pile of assault weapons in her Zoom background, repeated conspiracy theories that mass resignations from Congress are imminent, and demonstrated her lack of knowledge when it comes to constitutional amendments.

These are but some of the times Boebert made news for all the wrong reasons—and according to a new report in Politico's Jennifer Oldham, some of her constituents are tired of her antics.

Voters in Pueblo, Colorado—the largest city in Boebert's district—complained to Oldham that the Congresswoman seemed more preoccupied with promoting far-right rhetoric and uniformly opposing Biden's policies, even the ones that would help her constituents.

Charles Perko, a fourth generation steel worker in Pueblo, said:

"One of the key parts of [Biden's infrastructure] plan is Amtrak expansion. Ours is one of only three mills in the country that makes rail. If we can get just that part of the infrastructure plan alone passed, that will be business that would keep us in jobs for many years."

He's tried to arrange a meeting with Boebert, but his calls to her staff have gone unanswered.

Gus Garcia—an Independent who voted for both Biden and Boebert—said he was mortified by her behavior:

"I thought Lauren would be a great representative for small business owners because she owns a small business, and she came from a humble lifestyle, but she has been so terribly disappointing. I am humiliated and embarrassed when she speaks on the House floor. She screams all the time, and she seems to have affiliated herself with white supremacists."

Though Boebert is one of the most conservative members of Congress, Oldham points out that her district itself is purple. In Pueblo, Democrats outweigh Republicans by around 10 percentage points.

Some hope the opposition in Pueblo could make Boebert a one-term Congresswoman.

It's not just Pueblo residents who are tired.

They'll have to wait til 2022 for a chance to unseat her.