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'Simpsons' Writer Shames Trump's Secretary of State After He Tried to Use Lisa Simpson Meme to Troll Nancy Pelosi

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images // ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images

Republicans were unfazed by the 31 false statements made by President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address, but they were fuming at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for ripping her copy of Trump's address in half on the House floor.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was among those offended, and tried to troll Pelosi on Twitter.

He used a quote from The Simpsons to do so.

The shot features Lisa Simpson in the episode "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," in which Lisa becomes disillusioned with government and tears up her paper on the roots of Democracy.

Pompeo may have thought his trolling was superb, but it wasn't long before former Simpsons writer Bill Oakley called Pompeo out in no uncertain terms.

Oakley wasn't the only one to note Pompeo's misuse of the image.

Some pointed out the meaning of the episode in context.

People soon began pointing out Pompeo's missteps, like berating an NPR reporter and refusing to defend ousted ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

Nice job, Mike.