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People Can't Stop Trolling Trump With All the Awful Things In Life That Poll Better Than He Does in 2020, and We're Dying

President Donald Trump smiles during an event in the East Room of the White House, April 18, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Quinnipiac University released poll results on Tuesday that gave President Donald Trump's chances against a slate of Democratic presidential hopefuls. The numbers did not favor the President.

The poll results did inspire people to reflect however.

What subject were they prompted to ponder?

Who—or more often what—else could get more votes than Trump in 2020. It's unclear exactly who started it, but soon many people had suggestions.

Molly Jong-Fast weighed in Tuesday afternoon. She first suggested a bit of tooth care.

But an expert on painful medical procedures soon stepped up to respond to Jong-Fast's suggestion of dental implants over Trump.

The hits just kept on coming from Jong-Fast.


And Jong-Fast was far from the only one to make their preference known.


Painful parental moments also made the list of preferences over President Trump.

Adam Rifkin also revised his assessment of Trump's popularity in comparison to spiders and... other things.

Twitter user digidad went the dental care route as well.


However he did suggest one thing that would finish in a dead heat with the President.

Of course, there was a reason existential horror and President Trump finished so closely together.

Medical procedures and ailments seemed to remain a popular contender against Trump.

And while it was all a bit silly, it did serve a purpose beyond mocking the President on Twitter, where he and other members of his family and inner circle often mock others.

Smile everyone. As of June 12, the 2020 presidential election is only 509 days away when everyone can make their real preferences known.