Donald Trump Says Queen Elizabeth ‘Reviewed Her Honour Guard for the First Time in 70 Years’


President Donald Trump is still facing fallout from his visit to the United Kingdom.

While speaking to the press, Trump claimed that Queen Elizabeth reviewed her honor guard for the first time in 70 years––all because of him. The president said:

 We met with the queen, who is absolutely a terrific person, where she reviewed her Honor Guard for the first time in 70 years, they tell me. We walked in front of the Honor Guard and that was very inspiring to see and be with her. And I think the relationship, I can truly say is a good one. But she was very, very inspiring indeed.

Like many of Trump’s statements in the past, this was false. In addition to the Queen only having reigned for 66 years, she has reviewed her guard numerous times, including for President Barack Obama in 2011.

Many on Twitter were quick to notice.

It was far from Trump’s only faux pas with Her Majesty.

During the same visit, Trump walked in front of the Queen during their procession, which many saw as a breach of etiquette. In another rather awkward instance, the Queen had to direct Trump on where to walk in their procession.

However, the lie is practically comical compared to the recent statements Trump is answering for in regards to his European trip.

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