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There's So Much Wrong With Rudy Giuliani's Latest Tweet Calling on Mueller to End His Investigation, People Don't Even Know Where to Start

Win McNamee and SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani demanded that Special Counsel Robert Mueller file his Trump-Russia report immediately in a lie-ridden tweet that stupefied social media.

"I challenge Mueller to put up or shut up," Giuliani wrote on Sunday. "You have no evidence of the President being involved in a conspiracy with anyone including Russia to hack. And you also have no evidence of collusion. It’s been 2 years so submit a report to DOJ and we will answer it."

One keen observer noticed something very telling in Giuliani's tweet.

Overall, though, what Giuliani claimed is comically untrue.

CNN analyst Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor like Giuliani, took a blowtorch to Giuliani telling Mueller to "put up or shut up" as he peddles absurd talking points.

"Mueller hasn’t said anything, so there’s no need for him to 'shut up,'" Mariotte tweeted to Giuliani. "You, on the other hand, have a lot to say—much of which is false or misleading."

What Giuliani omitted is very telling.

Mueller was appointed in May 2017, which was less than two years ago. Mueller has been militantly tight-lipped about what he has potentially uncovered regarding Russian influence on Trump's businesses, politics, and personal interests.

In this short time period, however, Mueller has amassed dozens of indictments against Trump campaign operatives, Russian officials and business entities.

Mueller has also turned a profit on his investigation with the seizure of Trump's one-time campaign chair Paul Manafort's assets.

Trump infamously invited Russia to hack into the Democratic National Committee in 2016 to find Hillary Clinton's alleged "deleted emails," which in hindsight doesn't bode well for Giuliani's "no collusion" defense of Trump.

The president has also routinely and falsely denied having ties to Russia despite having pursued a deal to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow while running for president.

Additionally, Trump's sons Donald Jr. and Eric have bragged about the financial support their family's business empire has enjoyed thanks to Russia.

Giuliani's defenses of Trump - which now border on cultish - have destroyed his reputation as a formidable federal prosecutor who tackled white-collar crime and as "America's Mayor."

Does Giuliani truly think Mueller is reading his tweets, or that he would even care?

Good luck with that.