READ: INSIDER Poll Finds 36% Prefer Spending $5.7 Billion on Healthcare, 30% on Infrastructure, Only 19% on Border Wall

Well well.

Portions of the federal government are currently shut down as part of a standoff between President Donald Trump and Congress. The President stated that until he gets his border wall, he will keep the government shut down.

The United States Constitution puts all appropriated funds under the jurisdiction of the legislative branch. Some cite a violation of the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution when the President blackmails Congress for money.

Why is Congress reluctant to give Trump the money he demands for his pet project?

As pointed out in poll after poll, very few voters support Trump’s wall. Chants at a Make America Great Again rally do not represent the will of the majority.

One of the mandates of Congress is to represent the people of their district. And those constituents do not want to spend $5.7 billion on a wall.

The latest poll, conducted by Business Insider, indicates the same result President Trump disregarded before: taxpayers still put his wall as a low spending priority.

Business Insider asked:

“What is the best use of $US5.7 billion in federal funding?”

They offered four options:

  • “build a portion of a wall along the US-Mexico border”
  • “fund pre-kindergarten programs for every child in the US for a year”
  • “pay the healthcare expenses for roughly 530,000 Americans for a year”
  • “fund infrastructure improvements”

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s wall failed to garner the majority of support.

Spending the money to pay healthcare expenses was the top choice of 36% of respondents.

30% preferred infrastructure upgrades and repairs. Only 15% would spend money funding pre-K programs.

19% would fund Trump’s border wall. The majority of that number comes from people who self-identify as conservative.

Business Insider reported:

  • Those who identified as moderately or very conservative: 53% wanted the wall, 22% infrastructure improvements and 16% preferring healthcare.
  • Those who only slightly leaned liberal or conservative or didn’t identify with either political ideology, they preferred healthcare (39%) and infrastructure (32%), then pre-K (16%) and then the wall (13%).
  • Those who identified as moderately or very liberal, only 2% want the wall, 49% preferred healthcare, 34% infrastructure and 14% pre-K.

24% of poll respondents identified as very to moderately conservative, 28% very toto moderate liberal and 36% as neither or only slightly liberal or conservative.

The poll results reinforce a core issue with the Trump presidency.

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