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Republican Admits Why He Doesn't Actually Want To Pass House Bill To Fix Immigration

Rep. Troy Nehls admitted to CNN why, despite Republicans' screaming about the border, he has no intention of supporting the House immigration bill.

Representative Troy Nehls;  President Joe Biden
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference

As House Republicans gather on the southern border to try to call out Joe Biden on immigration, despite the fact that the president has proposed a $14 billion supplemental to support efforts at the border, now one GOP Rep. is openly admitting why he has no intention of supporting their own House bill to alleviate the problem.

Last year, House Republicans passed HR 2, the GOP's proposed border solution, but it was rejected by Democrats who called the bill a "non-starter." It is unlikely to be signed into law by Democratic President Joe Biden.

But the GOP insisted they won't accept any bill unless it resembles HR 2 and they plan to further complicate matters as long as a Democrat remains in the White House.

On Wednesday, Republican Texas Representative Troy Nehls admitted to not wanting to support any bill because it would benefit Biden's poll numbers.

Nehls told CNN:

"Let me tell you, I’m not willing to do too damn much right now to help a Democrat and to help Joe Biden’s approval rating."

Which pretty much tracks with the GOP's entire governing M.O.

Nehls was called out for saying the quiet part out loud.

He continued:

“I will not help the Democrats try to improve this man’s dismal approval ratings. I’m not going to do it."

Nehls added why he wouldn't budge to help Democrats.

"Why would I? Chuck Schumer has had HR 2 on his desk since July. And he did nothing with it," said Nehls, referring to the Democratic Senate Majority Leader.

Schumer has opposed HR 2 and insisted that the only way to secure a border deal was through a bipartisan agreement to obtain aid for Ukraine.

“When the House clings to H.R. 2 as the only solution … we’re not going to get a deal,” said Schumer.

He maintained: that if the Senate reached a bipartisan consensus:

“It will put enormous pressure on the House to get something done as well and not just to let these hard-right people get up and say, the 30 of them, to dictate how the whole country should work."
"Because what they believe is clearly in the minority of the Republican Party and our country.”

His comments on Wednesday came after a group of 60 House Republicans, led by GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson, traveled to the border near Eagle Pass, Texas, to express concerns about border issues.

Schumer continued:

“We’re willing to meet the Republicans a good part of the way."
"I think now in the last few days, many Republicans have begun to realize that we are willing to do that and how serious we are about getting this done.”