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NBC News Gets Roasted for Headline Decrying the Lack of 'Pizzazz' During Public Impeachment Hearing


NBC News Gets Roasted for Headline Decrying the Lack of 'Pizzazz' During Public Impeachment Hearing
Win McNamee/Getty Images

There's a line from the Netflix political drama House of Cards, lamenting that "Politics is no longer just theatre. It's show business."

That sardonic observation was proven true once again with an NBC News analysis regarding the historic public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

The hearing saw Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr. and State Department official George Kent both testify to the extreme irregularities in the Trump administration's dealings with Ukraine. Taylor once again confirmed that crucial, congressionally approved military aid for Ukraine was withheld on the condition that the Ukrainian President publicly announce an investigation into Trump's political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

He also testified that Trump cared more about the investigation's announcement than actual issues in Ukraine, and that Trump was directly corresponding with Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, about the status of the investigation announcement.

Despite the President being further implicated in threatening national security, NBC acted less like Woodward and Bernstein and more like Ebert and Roeper when covering the day's events.

NBC chose to highlight the lack of drama, or "pizzazz," in the hearings.

Though the President is a former reality television star, the proceedings shouldn't be treated with the frivolity of reality television. People were quick to point that out.

Some considered the headline a damning embodiment of what the United States has come to value since Trump's campaign and presidency.

Perhaps at the next hearing, Republicans and Democrats can perform a ballet duel a la West Side Story, or join together in a rousing rendition of "Seasons of Love."