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Kellyanne Conway Just Made the Most Painfully Ironic Argument Against Medicare For All and People Are Calling Her Out

Fox News

Kellyanne Conway, a top advisor to President Donald Trump, appeared on Fox News to rail against Senator and 2020 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for his recently unveiled Medicare for All plan.

Conway painted the plan as an instance of government intrusion on Americans' healthcare that would drastically limit their medical options.

Watch below:

In painting the fearsome picture of healthcare for all Americans, she used childbirth as an example. Conway, who has four children, said:

"This is a government takeover...I gave birth four times. I didn't want Uncle Sam and big brother in there with me...Government is coming to take over one of the most intimate parts of your life: your healthcare."

However, in arguing against Medicare for All, Conway undercut one of the biggest talking points of anti-abortion Republicans: that the government should be able to limit women's reproductive rights.

People were quick to point this out.

This comes less than a day after chilling anti-abortion legislation was introduced in Texas.

State legislators there introduced a bill that would classify abortion as homicide, opening the door for women to be sentenced to death for terminating their pregnancies.

Conway has been worked with anti-abortion organizations for decades, championing moves to limit women's access to reproductive options and often spreading false information to do so, repeating the lie that Democrats are pushing for laws allowing infanticide.

While Republicans have lauded attempts to overturn Obamacare and as well as attempts to pass Medicare for All, many pointed out that they have yet to offer a replacement plan.

Better luck next time, Kellyanne.