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Elon Musk Dragged for Questionable Attempt to Troll Bernie Sanders on Twitter
Win McNamee/Getty Images // Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Throughout his time in the Senate, progressive Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has called for expanded taxes on the super wealthy, and has vocally supported a marginal billionaire tax to fund social programs for America's poor and working class.

Sanders has also called for a revitalized capital gains tax, which would tax investments as they accrue gains, rather than when they're sold.

These policies don't sit well with tech magnate Elon Musk, the richest man in the world with a net worth of more than $270 billion, more than five million times the average American's income.

Recently, Sanders once again called for the wealthy to begin paying their fair share.

Musk responded by telling Sanders he forgot the Senator was still alive.

Musk, who recently acknowledged that the only way for him to personally pay taxes is to sell stock (thanks to the current capital gains tax rules), offered to sell more Tesla stock in order to pay taxes on it.

Musk's attempts at trolling were met with widespread derision.

Musk's offer to sell stock, instead of supporting legislation requiring billionaires to pay greater proportions of their income in taxes, was deemed woefully insufficient.

Sanders has yet to dignify Musk's trolling with a response.