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This CNN Reporter Trying to Shout a Question to Donald Trump About the Annapolis Shooting Is Basically All of Us

Well, Mr. President...?

On Friday, after President Donald Trump gave a speech marking the 6 month anniversary of the passage of his tax cut plan, CNN reporter Jim Acosta shouted a question to the President from the back of the room:

"Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people?"

Acosta described the scene on Twitter:

This comes a day after 5 people were killed in the newsroom of Annapolis newspaper The Capital Gazette.

The killer was identified as Jarrod Ramos, who had a long-standing grudge against the newspaper. Many, however, felt that the rhetoric employed by the President and his administration against the media -- for example, calling them "the enemy of the people" -- was not helpful, at best, and, at worst, may have contributed to the tragedy.

Acosta's fans cheered him on.

Needless to say he never got an answer to his question.