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A Fox News Correspondent Wore an Awkwardly Fitting Protective Vest at the Border and the Memes Were Hilarious

@FuzzMartin/Twitter, @ChefJoseAndreas/Twitter

President Donald Trump has frequently referred to the situation at the southern border as a "crisis" and a "national emergency"—one that can only be alleviated by a wall. In his pursuit of the wall, he shut down the government for the longest period in United States history and diverted military funding towards its construction.

So it's in the best interest of the President's preferred network—Fox News—to sell its viewers a portrait of chaos and destruction at the southern border.

That's likely why Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones III appeared in an ill-fitting protective vest before a live appearance from the border.

But rather than stoking fear, the vest provoked ridicule—mainly in the form of savage memes.

Along with some hilarious comparisons.

And, of course, GIFs.

It wasn't long before Jones responded.

He insisted that Customs and Border Protection instructed him to wear the vest.

However, experts say that there is, in fact, no emergency at the southern border. In fact, illegal border crossings are at record lows.

Other correspondents and Americans from border regions didn't buy that Jones was ordered by CBP to wear the vest.