PHOTO: Donald Trump Pumps His Fists as He and Melania Arrive in Pennsylvania for 9/11 Memorial Service


A new photo of President Donald Trump arriving in western Pennsylvania for an event commemorating the September 11 attacks is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

In the photo, as First Lady Melania Trump trudges somberly behind him, the president almost looks to be cheering.

As other photos made clear, Trump was approaching a gathering of his supporters at the time of his double fistbump.

But still, many found it shocking.

It led some to stop and process just how abnormal this period in the United States is.

Around the same time, Trump’s tweet about the tragedy also struck many as less than sensitive.

Rather than relaying any empathy or reverence, it seemed that the president was bragging about his ability to do basic arithmetic.

Some emphasized the responses of other leaders to contrast his hollow words.

There are things that should come easy to United States presidents, like denouncing Nazis and standing up to Vladimir Putin, that the president still manages to bungle. Displaying reverence for the tragedy brought by the September 11th attacks is one of these things. It’s been that way since moments after the towers fell.

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