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Donald Trump Left His Latest Anti-Mueller Twitter Rant Unfinished, and People Think They Know What Happened

United States President Donald J. Trump attends the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast. (Chris Kleponis/Polaris/Getty images)

President Donald Trump is infamous for his Twitter tirades—insulting political enemies, attempting to discredit legitimate investigations, and even announcing policy changes.

The President may not read books (or intelligence briefs), but he's adept at writing tweets.

But it seems the President slipped up today. Trump began a tweet railing against the Mueller Report, but it seems he left the thread mysteriously unfinished.


Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star noticed the President's incomplete thought.

People don't really have faith that the President will finish his sentence.

People have theories however.Maybe some White House aides took the phone before he could do more damage.

Then again, this isn't entirely uncharacteristic of Trump.

What a shame the world missed out on another immensely complex and poignant thought from the President.