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Trump Just Demanded To Be Declared 'The Rightful Winner' Of 2020 Election–And Here We Go Again

Trump Just Demanded To Be Declared 'The Rightful Winner' Of 2020 Election–And Here We Go Again
Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former Republican President Donald Trump is demanding he be declared "the rightful winner" of the 2020 presidential election—two years after losing it decisively to Democratic President Joe Biden.

Trump's latest post is his most brazen one about the 2020 election results yet—a sign he has not and will not let go of the lies that continue to deal blows to the democratic process since a White nationalist lead mob of his supporters attacked the United States Capitol on the false premise the election was stolen.

In a message on his personal social media platform Truth Social, Trump professed there should be a new election due to "massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE" he claimed was uncovered by the latest developments in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) handling of the "THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY"—a conspiracy theory involving Biden's son's business dealings.

Unlike Trump and his own progeny, Hunter Biden did not have a job in a corporation owned by his father. But Republicans continue to try to tie Hunter Biden's career in the private sector to his father.

You can see what Trump wrote below.

Trump wrote:

"So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn't, 'Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential election.'"
"This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country."
"REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would the minimal solution, declare the 2020 election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!"

Trump's statement is another example of prominent conservatives pushing more conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden into the mainstream.

Conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden's business dealings have been a favorite in conservative circles for some time as there was a lack of credible allegations against President Biden—unlike Donald Trump.

A 2020 New York Post investigation published emails suggesting Hunter Biden introduced his father to an executive with Burisma Holdings–a Ukrainian gas firm–in 2015.

The story received criticism for shaky reporting and unsubstantiated claims. Twitter's attempts to block the news outlet from sharing the story during a crackdown on fake news received criticism from Republicans who accused the tech giant of censoring conservative voices.

But the GOP and Fox News revived conservative interest in the "story" in the wake of an FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort. Trump himself accused the FBI of "hiding and suppressing from the Public and the Media" the "Laptop from Hell," ahead of the 2020 election.

He has also joined conservatives who have accused the FBI of corruption while attacking social media giants like Meta, Facebook's parent company.

META pointed out in a recent statement Trump and the GOP's renewed outcry is recycled old news from 2020 when the FBI "shared general warnings about foreign interference—nothing specific about Hunter Biden."

Trump insisted the FBI intentionally "buried" Hunter Biden's information to hurt his chances during the 2020 presidential election.

Trump ignored the fact weeks before the 2020 election, two Republican-led Senate committees published a report of their own findings on Hunter Biden's career.

The GOP criticized Biden for serving on the board of Burisma Holdings but failed to find any evidence he committed any legal violations.

Trump's fixation on potential wrongdoing on the part of the FBI comes weeks after its agents combed through his Mar-a-Lago estate on a hunt for documents Trump took from the White House in violation of federal laws and presidential protocol.

According to the FBI, Trump had about 20 boxes in his possession, including 11 sets marked as top secret or sensitive, comprising a total of over 300 documents.

Trump was soundly criticized for his latest attempt at distraction.

Trump and his MAGA minions have continued to falsely assert Trump defeated Biden despite never providing any credible evidence, instead citing yard signs and crowd size during the height of the pandemic as "proof."

President Biden received 81,284,666 votes during the 2020 general election and 306 electoral votes, above the 270 needed to become the 46th President of the United States. Biden's win made Trump the first President to lose a reelection bid since George H.W. Bush, also a Republican, in 1992.

Trump—who also lost the popular vote in 2016—has long described his first electoral college win as a “landslide,” but has failed to note Biden defeated him by a larger electoral vote margin than Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by in 2016.