READ: Donald Trump Tweets ‘BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL! This Is the New Theme, for Two Years Until the Wall is Finished’


President Donald Trump is frantically trying to generate more support for insisting the government remain closed until Congress allocates $5 billion dollars of taxpayer money to fund an ineffective wall at the southern border.

In an effort to stem his hemorrhaging supporters, Trump asserts that the wall is essential for national security. He’s considered declaring a state of emergency and employed misleading or inaccurate statistics in an attempt to justify himself.

And now, he’s turned to rhymes.

He’s really excited.

Despite attempts by Trump and his administration to sow fear of undocumented immigrants by citing every single case of violent crime committed by them, studies have shown that undocumented immigrants are more likely to be law-abiding after their arrival and their presence doesn’t correlate to an increase in violent crime.

The slogan is reminiscent of Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway’s penchant for rhymes.

Some Americans thought they’d take their turn at dismantling Trump with rhymes of their own.

They weren’t done.

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