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'The Daily Show' Just Reminded Us of the Worst of President Obama's Scandals, and Those Were the Days

The Daily Show/Twitter

It's been a tad over two years since the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The day after, he and his administration openly lied about the crowd size at the inaugural ceremony.

Since then, Trump's administration has reached an unprecedented turnover rate, at least two acts of adultery and subsequent payments to cover the affairs up have surfaced, an anonymous higher-up of the administration detailed the steps officials were taking to curtail Trump's worst inclinations, and there's the Russia investigation and the 34+ indictments and convictions it's yielded.

Sadly, these are only highlights of the highlights.

So—to induce some much-needed nostalgia—The Daily Show reminded us of the scandals that rocked the administration of former President Barack Obama and the havoc these wreaked.

There was the selfie stick.

The bike helmet.


The salute.

And who could forget: the tan suit.

Sure, it wasn't open corruption or flagrant disregard for national security...but his selfie stick.

Nonetheless, Twitter was nostalgic for the scandals of the Obama era.

Of course, some were still "horrified."

What we would give now for a leader as "scandalous" as Barack Obama.