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MyPillow Guy Claims He Was Hacked and That Dominion Voting Systems 'Hired Hit Groups' on Him in Bonkers Rant

MyPillow Guy Claims He Was Hacked and That Dominion Voting Systems 'Hired Hit Groups' on Him in Bonkers Rant
Fox News

One of the greater absurdities of former President Donald Trump's tenure in the White House was his partnership with MyPillow CEO and fervent supporter Mike Lindell.

The founder of the famous pillow company frequently campaigned for the former President and offered pro-Trump discount codes for merchandise sold on his website.

Even in Trump's last days in office, Lindell was spotted at the White House exiting the Oval Office.

The MyPillow CEO was a prominent purveyor of the bogus conspiracy theory pushed by Trump that Democrats orchestrated widespread election fraud which delivered a false victory to President Joe Biden in the 2020 race.

A key component of this lie is that voting software company Dominion Voting Systems switched millions of Trump votes to Biden votes, even though Trump won 81 percent of the counties that used Dominion software.

Dominion became the target of not just Lindell, but of pro-Trump lawyers like Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, who launched a smear campaign against the company that resulted in multiple defamation lawsuits and death threats lobbied at Dominion employees.

Lindell's conspiracy theories and incessant false information about the 2020 election recently got him booted from Twitter, and Lindell appeared on Fox News—of which he is a financial sponsor—to blame Dominion once again.

Watch below.

Lindell absurdly claimed that Twitter or Dominion had secretly been running his Twitter account:

"I just couldn't do anything, and they were running my Twitter like they were me. My friends are going "you're not tweeting very much, and when you do" -- I said, "I'm not doing that," so I tried to take it down, and I got a tweet, a thing from Germany saying, "These are Twitter rules and you cannot do this, take anything down." So, they ran my Twitter for about 14 days, 15 days."

Lindell then accused the company of hiring "hit groups" against him:

"Dominion, went online, went on TV and said they were going to go after Mike Lindell. Well they did, they hired hit groups and bots and trolls went after all my vendors all these box stores to cancel me out."

The MyPillow CEO—whom Dominion recently threatened with a defamation suit—claims to have irrefutable evidence that Dominion assisted in "stealing" the election, and he even invited Dominion to sue him so he could reveal the information he claims to have. Lindell has not provided any of this so-called evidence despite repeatedly assuring it exists and is in his possession.

The bonkers diatribe is widely expected to boost Dominion's defamation claims.

Some joked that at the rate things are going, Dominion will end up absorbing MyPillow.

Most recently, Dominion sued Trump's personal lawyer—Rudy Giuliani—for more than a billion dollars.