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N.C. Lt. Governor Sparks Outrage After Referring to LGBTQ Community as 'Filth' in Angry Sermon

N.C. Lt. Governor Sparks Outrage After Referring to LGBTQ Community as 'Filth' in Angry Sermon
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For decades, the Republican party has fought against the acknowledgment of LGBTQ people's rights—the same rights cisgender heterosexuals enjoy every day.

The party has fought against same-sex marriage, employment and housing protections, accessible healthcare for LGBTQ people, and more. Most recently, the party killed the Equality Act, which would amend the Civil Rights Act to include LGBTQ people as a protected class.

When Republican elected officials aren't painting LGBTQ people as deserving of mockery, they're characterizing them as people to be feared. This often involves employing the age-old trope that LGBTQ people are secretly targeting children in order to somehow recruit them.

North Carolina's Republican Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, recently sparked outrage with his own homophobia, claiming students were being taught "filth" for learning that LGBTQ people exist.

Watch below.

Johnson told the audience:

"I'm saying this now, and I've been saying it, and I don't care who likes it -- those issues have no place in the school. There's no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality -- any of that filth. And yes, I called it filth, and if you don't like it that I called it filth -- come see me and I'll explain it to you,"

Johnson's bigoted comments have led some North Carolina state Senators to call for his resignation, but the Lieutenant Governor is only doubling down, insisting that he's seen educational materials that discuss graphic aspects of LGBTQ sex and suggesting that teaching students about LGBTQ people is part of a bigger, insidious agenda.

His comments were slammed across social media.

Others criticized the church that platformed the Lieutenant Governor's comments and the religious views that hinge on marginalizing LGBTQ people.

Robinson has no intentions to resign and is expected to run for Governor in 2024.