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People Bring the Awkward Receipts After QAnon Congresswoman Brags She Was Elected With 74% of the Vote

People Bring the Awkward Receipts After QAnon Congresswoman Brags She Was Elected With 74% of the Vote
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has become infamous across the nation despite only serving for three months so far.

Greene was stripped of her committee assignments by the House for her deranged belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory and expressing support for delusions that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton murders children and drinks their blood, that devastating wildfires in California were due to Rothschild-owned space lasers, and that school shootings were false flags coordinated by Democrats.

Since being removed from committees, the Congresswoman has looked to make a splash any way she can, most recently by beginning every House session motioning to adjourn, forcing a roll call vote that delays the passage of legislation.

With even some of her Republican colleagues express annoyance at her antics, Greene has scrambled to defend them.

She most recently attempted to do so by pointing out that she overwhelmingly won her election in Georgia's deep red 14th District.

The Congresswoman boasted that she was "elected with 74.7% of the vote."

What Greene didn't mention was that her Democratic opponent—Kevin Van Ausdal—abruptly withdrew from the race two months before the election due to personal issues and threats from Greene's supporters.

Therefore, Greene ran unopposed and still didn't meet the percentage of the Republican elected to the seat before her, former Congressman Tom Graves, who won with around 76.5% of the vote.

"Unopposed" began to trend after Twitter users reminded Greene that she'd run with no opposition.

Greene's stunts have earned her nationwide ire, and many want her expelled from Congress.

Her expulsion is unlikely to happen, but there's growing speculation that a primary opponent could defeat her in GA-14 if voters there are ashamed enough of the coverage she's gotten.