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MTG Is Getting Trolled With Hilariously Awful Amazon Reviews Of Her New Book—And People Can't Get Enough

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's new book 'MTG' has gotten hilariously awful reviews on Amazon, and people are just piling on online.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene just released her new book MTG, and the Amazon reviews...are something.

The book has an average 1-star rating on Amazon.

Screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene's book on AmazonAmazon

One reviewer says the book is "full of imaginations" and claims they saw their neighbor "throwing this book into the trash" before asking if they could read it. The reviewer called reading the book "a boring mistake" given that its content is "far from any reality."

Another reviewer said that Greene "is living in a different world than most people" and that the book "stretches the truth and imagination."

Screenshot of reviews by TAG and greg of Marjorie Taylor Greene's book on AmazonAmazon

Two more reviews trolled the book as far from the ideals of "America First" because it was "printed in Canada" while another expressed disappointment that MTG has nothing to do with the tabletop game Magic: The Gathering.

Screenshot of reviews by T. Wilkinson and Brian G. of Marjorie Taylor Greene's book on AmazonAmazon

Funnily enough, Florida Democrat Jared Moskovitz joked that he "might be" reviewer "Brian G.," who made the Magic: The Gathering comment.

Meanwhile, on reviewer claimed the book will give the reader "irreversible brain damage" as a a result of "incompentence and disinformation" that has "never been so easy to access." Another called the book "Toilet Paper," saying that "like MTG, it was really very abrasive."

Screenshot of reviews by two Amazon Customers of Marjorie Taylor Greene's book on AmazonAmazon

The reactions to these reviews—and to Greene herself—were priceless to say the least.

Greene was criticized last week after The Guardian scrutinized a copy of her book and pointed out her many lies about the January 6 insurrection.

Greene alleged that during the attack no Democrats stayed behind to protect the House chamber while Republicans took the initiative to barricade the doors. She singled out New York Representative Jerry Nadler, mocking his inability to swiftly move to safety during the chaotic event when he was 73 years old.

Greene also mocked Democrats for wearing gas masks during the assault, recalling that she declined to wear them herself. She said many Democrats "obligingly put theirs on and some were lying on the floor, hysterical."

Contrary to Greene's assertions, multiple accounts and images from lawmakers contradict her narrative. Approximately three dozen Democrats, including Colorado Representative Jason Crow, were trapped in the House gallery for an hour amid the violent mob's breach, aiding in evacuation efforts.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Greene and her fellow Republicans have attempted to paint the attack as a peaceful gathering of law-abiding citizens. In reality, the attack left at least five people dead and resulted in over 100 injuries to law enforcement as well as millions of dollars in damages.