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Rightwing Troll Dragged for Saying American Jews Should 'Decorate Their Home With Christmas Lights'

NBC News

Far-right saboteur Jacob Wohl is infamous for working to promote paranoia with unhinged press conferences, fake stories, and election manipulation.

Wohl is currently facing millions in fines for generating illegal robocalls ahead of the 2020 election which made incendiary false claims about voting by mail and were designed to discourage people from voting.

His constant disinformation efforts have gotten him banned from most social media outlets, except for conservative ones which pride themselves on a lack of moderation.

It was on one of these outlets, Gab, that Wohl made an absurd claim about Jews and Christmas lights.

Wohl wrote:

"I firmly believe that every Jew in America should decorate their home with Christmas lights. It's called assimilation. America is a Christian country."

Wohl, who is Jewish himself, falsely claimed that the United States is a "Christian country."

In reality, the Establishment Clause embedded in the First Amendment states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof[.]"

The statement was decried by Jake Hyman of the Anti-Defamation League to Newsweek:

"No one should take anything Jacob Wohl says seriously. His inflammatory rhetoric and stunts are meant to incite and create false outrage. The less attention people pay to him, the better off we all are."

People soon began ridiculing Wohl on social media

People, sadly, weren't shocked to see the sentiment come from the likes of Wohl.

Wohl has dismissed the backlash against the tweet.