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Who Wins HOH on Tonight's Episode of 'Celebrity Big Brother'? 2/21/18

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk! 

Big Brother returns tonight with only seven remaining houseguests. The finale is five days away, so tensions are high in the house. Can't wait for tonight to find out what goes down on this evening's episode? We've got the details on who wins Head of Household for Round 5 here.

Mark McGrath won HoH, which pleased both Mark and James. With the men running the house, there's no saying what could happen. Who will go on the chopping block?

Brandi & Ari are nominated, according to Big Brother Network. After the latest eviction, alliances broke and were reset. In the past, Mark has said that he'd put the nomination on Omarosa if either steps down, but he's also suggested he'd go with Marissa.

For those who need a refresher: Brandi is originally from Sacramento, and now lives in LA. She is a mom, author and reality TV personality. Brandi says her strategy for winning the game is "to be [herself] and see what happens" but this go around, that method may not work to her advantage.

Who Do Evictees Think Will Win?

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, some of the show's evictees revealed who they hope wins Celebrity Big Brother. World Peace said that he thinks it will be a toss-up. "If Marissa gets to the final two I would vote for her. Or if it's Ariadna and James, I would vote for Ariadna. Or I might vote for James because he has had a rough time. He played the game so smart. He's doing a good job."

Shannon Elizabeth said, "James needs to keep winning and making deals. He has to save his butt. There's no downplaying this. I'd love to see him get to the finals. I would vote for him over Ross and Marissa in the finals. "

On Friday, Celebrity Big Brother will air a two-hour episode with a double live eviction, according to the Inquisitor. The eviction is a Double Eviction.