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Who Is 'Queer Eye' Bobby Berk's Husband, Dewey?

The Fab 5 are taking over the world, with Queer Eye quickly becoming one of Neflix's most popular shows.

Fab 5 interior design expert Bobby Berk is there to help design the homes of those who are lost in the love department. As evident on the show, he has plenty of experience in the field.

For five years now, Berk has been married to his husband Dewey.

We don't know much about Dewey at this point, as his Instagram is private and his Twitter only contains one tweet. We're hoping Bobby will divulge more as the season progresses. Bobby's Instagram includes a number of pictures of him and Dewey traveling the world to places like Hong Kong and Cambodia, suggesting travel is a big hobby for the couple.

In the trailer for this season of Queer Eye, Bobby says, "I've been married for five years." The man who the Fab 5 is helping, Tom, then asks him, "Are you the husband or wife?" Jonathan jumps in, saying, "Let's break that down. That is a misconception."

And that is one of the many things the show sets out to do: break down misconceptions about the gay community. And, ultimately, prove that love is something everyone is looking for.

Bobby Explains How He Booked the Role

Bobby was born in Texas, and owns his own business.

In a recent interview with Metropolis Magazine, Bobby was asked about himself. He explains that growing up in Missouri, he never thought of design as a career path. "Honestly I kinda fell into design, but I always had a passion for it—I was always that kid moving around my parent’s furniture when they were gone at work."

Bobby goes on to explain that he moved to New York at age 22 with "basically about $100 and a suitcase." He says he got a job at Restoration Hardware managing the store, and then worked for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Asked how he got involved in the Queer Eye reboot, Bobby explains that he was doing an install for a home in Vegas when his publicist contacted him saying Queer Eye wanted to audition him. "The interview went okay, but honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever get a callback." Then, not long after, he found himself in a room with just 40 guys, which was soon whittled down to five. "The third day about half of the guys were no longer there. Karamo [Brown], and Tan [France], and I, when we met each other, instantly locked arms and became best friends. By the end of the first day, Antoni [Porowski] and Jonathan [Van Ness] and all of us had clicked. And I’m pretty sure Netflix and Scout Productions and ITV America saw that chemistry."

A second season of Queer Eye has not yet been announced. Be sure to check out the series, streaming on Netflix now.